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Vol.130 - London Transport Archive

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Vol.130 - London Transport Archive (60-mins) (Released 25th.June 2007)

Vol.130 - London Transport Archive (60-mins) (Released 25th.June 2007)

Ref: BR130D

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Using all archive film taken over many years up to 1980, this film covers the operations on the LONDON TRANSPORT network on rail and road. Metropolitan Railways are seen with steam at Rickmansworth in 1961 taking over from electric locos. Lots of coverage of the LT pannier tanks at NEASDEN, CROXLEY, WATFORD, FARRINGDON and LILLIE BRIDGE. The Metropolitan electric locomotive tours of 1972. Tube trains of 'Q' stock, '38' stock on the Northern Line and A62 stock on the Epping to Ongar line and others.

Road transport covers trams, trolleybuses in EDMONTON and some ex LT vehicles in Spain. Horse buses back on the London streets in 1979 with their history mixing with a few preserved examples of early motor buses. The RT buses in central London up to the last on Route 62 at BARKING. RLH types in East London and Routemasters including FRM1 at POTTERS BAR. WR. Witness a visit to ALDENHAM WORKS and the skid pan at CHISWICK with an RT. LONDON COUNTRY routes with green RT, RML, RMC and RF. GREEN LINE with RM's and RP's around HARLOW. There are all-over advert liveried Routemasters, Silver Jubilee and Shoplinkers examples. RTW's at NIAGARA FALLS. A very nostalgic period remembered of LONDON TRANSPORT's history.

Filmed virtually all in excellent colour, with a sound track and informative commentary.

Cover photo:- Colin White, Pannier L94 at Watford LT Station, 1968.

© Wolverton Rail

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Number of discs: 1 DVD-R

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Shop | Railways | B & R Video Productions | Volumes 127 to 133  |  Vol.130 - London Transport Archive

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