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Please note your order is processed by a human NOT a machine. In the unlikely event of getting an error on this page or it won't let you enter some of your card details, please contact me! :-) .

WOLVERTON RAIL (TM) was established in 1987 by Ian King and specialises in world-wide mail order... run by "Enthusiasts for the Enthusiast with Personal Service Guaranteed"

I have over 4500 railway DVDs, train DVDs, aircraft DVDs, canal DVDs, ship DVDs and other transport DVDs available! Others might claim otherwise, but as far as I know, my online transport video/DVD catalogue is the only one detailing almost all of the videos/DVDs available in the UK (it takes a lot of updating!).

I called it "WOLVERTON RAIL" after the nearby Railway Carriage & Wagon repair depot better known as "Wolverton Works" (the World's longest and still operational railway works dating back to 1838). I also went to school in Wolverton, I trained as a railway signal engineer (later telecoms) and I come from a railway background going back generations!!

Please note that WOLVERTON RAIL is a trading name of ADVANCE MICRO COMPUTERS LTD.

Please also note that your order is being dealt with by a real person and not some highly automated automonous computer system. That means if, for instance, you order the same DVD twice, I am likely to ask you if you really want two copies! (of course if you do I will be really pleased :-)). I really do have to press a button to send you your "DVDs dispatched" email.

In 2013 WOLVERTON RAIL acquired the DVD assets of THE SIGNAL BOX in Anstey, Leicestershire. The DVD business was run by Judith Smith until she retired in April 2013 when that part of the business was sold to WOLVERTON RAIL. WOLVERTON RAIL had been a trade customer of theirs since 1988 and had been one of their largest trade customers. From 2013 to 2020, WOLVERTON RAIL had two offices: one in Olney and one at THE SIGNAL BOX. Unfortunately the Covid19 Pandemic and lockdowns in 2020 forced the closure of the office at THE SIGNAL BOX in Anstey resulting in that office becoming uneconomic. During the pandemic, the business had to be consolidated into one office in Olney to remain viable and this continues to be the situation post-pandemic.

WOLVERTON RAIL also carries on production of DVDs under licence from a number of publishers who have now retired. This is so the DVDs are still availaible and do not disappear and subsequently lost forever!
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