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Vol.211 - A Miscellany of Electric & Diesel Power No.3

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Vol.211 A Miscellany of Electric & Diesel Power No.3

Vol.211 A Miscellany of Electric & Diesel Power No.3

Ref: BR211D




In this volume we continue our “Classic Traction” theme covering many of the different classes of locomotives that were in operation across all regions of the network during the 1970s and 1980s. Most of the clips selected have not been previously seen. As before with we have simply compiled the film clips in no particular order and thus a few surprises will be in store as you enjoy the video.

Starting with the Southern, we see Class 33s in action and then over on the Western we see Class 52s and Class 50s in and around the Paddington area. At Old Oak Common Depot a number of Hymeks and other types are stabled around the last of the four round-house turntables. Class 47s are seen all over the network hauling all manner of trains. Several Hymeks are seen working, including D7017 emblazoned with the D & EG signs after purchase by the Group.

On the East Coast Main Line, the famous Deltics are in action (including a glimpse of the first ever Deltic visit to Inverness) and we visit King's Cross, Brookmans Park, Welwyn Viaduct, Hitchin, Cadwell, York plus several other locations. In Scotland we see class 26s on the Kyle line.

Class 20s were well known for working pairs and we see these on MGR coal trains at locations such as Warrington for the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. At Tinsley Yard we see one of three class 13s stabled. These were a development from the class 08 and especially built for the yard. Most unusual are the scenes from the old Burry Port and Gwendraeth Railway with triple-headed 03s, working on the restricted height line, which in its early days was actually a canal!

More freight action includes parcels traffic, steel coil, fuel & chemical tank trains and Presflow wagon workings. A few scenes of London Underground units are followed by BR DMUs and EMUs on the Southern, Watford and Southport lines. A rarely seen Motor Parcels van is captured hauling two baggage vans out of Paddington. A German built railbus is also spotted meandering around Kemble. Plus a few shots taken around the South Wales Collieries.

On the West Coast Main Line we see class 85 & 86 electrics followed by a pair of EM1 Bo-Bos on the Woodhead route. Other locations include Churchdown, Banbury, Didcot, Bishops Stortford, (where we see a special guards-van railtour) as well as Barnetby and Chester. Harlow Mill features several stone trains arriving and departing with a variety of 37s, 47s, 56s, 58s, a 59 and 60s providing the power. We also visit High Wycombe, Bletchley, Cheltenham and Shrewsbury areas. Plus a couple of scenes from Wennington and the Settle & Carlisle.

With such a diverse range of locomotives there is an equally diverse range of liveries, from original green two-tone, BR Corporate Blue, Large-Logo, Railfreight sector variants, Inter-City and more including special 'one-offs' such as the 'Yellow Peril' No.47803. We also see the Crewe Test Train in action plus a couple of passing Motorail services.

All the archive film is in colour. An informative commentary and authentic soundtrack has been added.

Our series contines in Vol.216 - A Miscellany of Electric & Diesel Power No.4

All text is © Wolverton Rail (a trading name of ADVANCE MICRO COMPUTERS LTD.) and may contain trackable codes.

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Cover photo: Keith Pirt/Courtesy Book Law Publications, Type 4 D1576 in the New Forest with the up Bournemouth Belle, July 1967.
Narrated by: Barrie Woods
First published on DVD: August 2017
Screen aspect ratio:
Classification: Exempt
Number of discs: 1 DVD-R
Media Format: DVD-R
Origination: 8mm cine-film

Running Time: 83-mins (1hr 23min)

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